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    It is the most commonly used interval notation in the world. The Egyptians measured night and day independently. During the day, they used the sun to measure time. This means the Egyptians used two separate clocks, dividing day and night into two disproportionate parts. Their timekeeping has strong similarities to the proportionate, 12-hour clock used today, which we divide into ante meridiem (a.m.) and post meridiem (p.m.) to indicate times before and after midday. The widget helps you figure out the equivalent of times on the standard 12-hour clock to those of the 24-hour military clock, as well as the reverse. This system is used to convey accurate time across time all zones, countries, and languages. Military time turns all time calculations into a four-digit number and removes the need for the AM or PM suffix. It is used most famously by the military in the United States, but it has also been adopted by many other agencies and services. Examples include emergency response teams, hospitals, aviation, navigation, and anywhere else where time confusion can have a serious or negative impact. With military time (http://www.musictechguru.com), the day starts at hours and ends at 24 hours. Designation, just the one 24-hour period that occurs once a day. It’s used to avoid any confusion with the a.m./p.m. It’s almost impossible to get the time wrong when you use military time. The military also has names and letters for time zones around the world. The world is split into 25 time zones that include all letters of the alphabet except the letter J.

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