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    Below that, it gives you a character breakdown of each gematria as well. The writers of these sacred texts think that numbers have meaning, and, vice versa, meaning can be expressed in numbers. The underlying concept is that the true meaning of the Bible is deeper than what can be read. The text is a composition of letters that are organized and combined to generate words, phrases and sentences. A number is assigned to each letter with a particular code of Gematria. The number of the letters, when combined to form words, phrases and sentences, can be added up to form a gematrical value that can be related to other words, phrases and sentences (Hardiman, 2019). A gematria decoder find which words has a certain gematria value. This value is based on the letters of the alphabet, with each letter having a corresponding number. The calculator can be used to find the numerical value of a word or phrase, which can then be used to interpret its meaning. Variant spellings of some letters can be used to produce sets of different numbers, which can be added up or analyzed separately. EnglishQabala.com is yet another free website with an online gematria calculator. If you are not familiar with this gematria then these guidelines can be helpful to get a better understanding of it. Gematria, as it’s traditionally understood, is a form of mystic numerology most often used in Kabbalah. Each letter in a word is assigned a number; to understand the mystic connotations behind a word, those numbers are added together. The resulting sums are used to interpret the deeper meanings in words, phrases or texts. When the numerical value of the Hebrew letters of the tetragrammaton is added up, they come out to 26, the number of letters in our alphabet. The characters themselves, according to Leeds, look like they symbolize pi begotten by 7 and pi begotten by 7 – or the same way that he has used gematria to break up the English alphabet to create his cipher.

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