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    The CPS Test or cps tester is mainly a fun game to calculate your clicks by the use of a click speed test. The prime objective is to test your clicking speed and to improve thereafter, by practicing more with different methods and time duration. People love to use this cps counter unblocked to get the highest tapping score, sets the new records, and break the older records set by other gamers. These clicks per second counter are being used to count your total number of clicks for a specific time via conducting and analyzing mouse clicking speed. You can click your mouse as fast as 142 Clicks in 10 seconds. But if you ask precisely how fast can I click in the cps test using different unique clicking techniques. Be it regular clicking, jitter clicking, drag clicking, or butterfly clicking. Then you have to understand all clicking methods have their benefits in taking your CPS to the next level. CPS Tracker counts the total number of clicks you performed during the clicking test and determines your clicking speed. A brief illustration can be that you might be conducting a mouse clicking speed test to check how many clicks you have done in five seconds. During the test, let’s say you clicked the mouse button 30 times in five seconds, then your cps clicker score would be 6 clicks in one second. In this test, score is calculated by dividing your total number of clicks by the time interval in which you perform the test. The average of most clicks per particular second is called CPS or Mouse Clicker. This is a mouse indicator that we can know how fast can you click performermance and mouse clicking speed test. The highest percentage of Click Per Speed is the better of your mouse click speed. The CPS clicker is the main performance which the game player sees through the click speed test.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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