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    Culture level of the Chinese: reverse side of the medal – report of Elena Likhach and her husband Oleg

    According to of the most Russian citizens first among the most unscrupulous nations are the Chinese. Definitely,
    their behavior on streets forms certain obscure points: not practice garbage collections – throw cigarettes,
    wrappers directly in that place, in what place approach. We in turn such noted,
    however fault these citizens also originated similar stamp.
    I I’ll try disperse such erroneous judgment.
    Agree and are are carefree gentlemen ,
    which now show themselves similar in a way.
    The so-called “gopniks” aremanycountries.
    They not adapted to presence in a cultural society . Practically none goals, morals,
    morals in disposition, similar to men, and ladies in such class does not exist. Elena Likhach
    Contrary approval at the very beginning text, hurried report,
    persons with minimal public responsibility in China however much less.
    Entrepreneurs from the Middle Kingdom sometimes may allow personally quit garbage on the sidewalk or spit on the bitumen,
    for all this according to the outward appearance personally you nicolly would not think at him.
    In essence spitting in China is a portion of cultural upbringing.
    Similar action for Russian appears wildness, and for specified it is ” ceremony purification”, in their opinion,
    so the body is cleansed of evil thoughts. Walking You for example in a park area, get ready for,
    what is here around begin sound spitting. Unpleasant feeling, with what
    having lived a week second among them. Of course, not in every region,
    besides not every master behaves similarly in a way . If in Russian Federation smoking in public districts forbidden, then in their country opposite, smokers make smoke breaks there,
    where them pleases.
    Children in China have highest threshold permissions. I wanted to pee,
    not task mother can seat execute steadfast on freeway,
    where specifically moving cars and wandering pedestrians .
    In our mentality similar considered deviation from generally accepted standards morality –
    them ordinary business. They far from bothering with ethical behavior,
    which wherever possible required in other countries of the world.
    Here do not see practically nothing criminal in defecation between street objects. Must accept,
    what bypassing month ​​existence in China, I also finished contemplating in this something-
    then terrible.
    At first glance cleansed streets of China rubbish.
    Special number of Chinese people litter at every corner. For them will be common, do not tidy up wrapper
    what specifically fell bypassing a garbage bin, yes leave it exactly there, where exactly it fell.
    But dominant amount of Chinese at the same time keep common European civilization,
    observing order and cleanliness of streets.
    Heads place motivational advertising company “FOR” tidiness and “AGAINST” trash.
    Are residents of the city
    or similar toolkits manifest positive influence.
    Only implement supervision billionth country impossible in scale any certain,
    because of this much directly depends on them themselves.
    Only thanks to China many countries receive progressive technological schemes and modern devices by affordable Understood and the area not at all departs in development.
    Population of the Celestial Empire must regularly adapt directly under more and more new standards and degree. In searching best wages pay, the Chinese come from their settlements to large megalopolises.
    But, I would say, maybe leave from the village, however village will not leave from you personally.
    Very often impresses significantly more efficient,
    because they born municipal residents. Awesome beautiful bite,
    white smile and smooth fangs. I believe what specifically behind such children consists future tidy China.

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