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    If you manage to achieve this astonishing rank by fair means, believe us, your fingers snap at blistering speed just like the leopard runs. So, share your special rank on Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp with your friends and ask them if they can dare to beat your click speed record. If you acquire this rank, it means you are smart at tapping your fingers but not fast enough. Try to flicker your finger even faster and try harder to improve your rank. The good thing about this rank is that it indicates that you are not poor at clicking. Our CPS test uses the cps counter to calculate the clicking speed, similar to the click speed test. Over the past two decades, CPS’ four-year high school graduation rate has nearly doubled, reaching a new record high in 2022. Jitter clicking involves rapidly shaking the muscles in your arm to the wrist to press the mouse button rapidly. To do that, you must stiffen or tense your wrist a little and try to vibrate the hand to produce that ‘jitter’ effect. Butterfly clicking- that is more often used by clickers to tap faster with both mouse fingers on both buttons of mouse-like a butterfly. Badlion click test has merged into kohi.net and they have deleted the page and published on new site. But the Clickspeedtest.info website is a similar client test website for game players. Badlion.net is a gaming network that is the provider of competitive PvP for survival games such as Minecraft. But we have added the Badlion test into our website with the latest features. You can check your click speed at the web browser or on your cell phones. There is a number of Android applications that give you a platform to calculate your click speed plus a hell of fun. Now, it is up to you to choose the best rated and real named app. A fast clicker who scores an average click rate of 8-12 CPS utilizes the advanced clicking mode.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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