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    And because the bedding cushion is removable and washable, there’s no need to invest in a kitty couch cover. Simply plug the reversible mat into any standard wall outlet. The dual thermostat warms the pad to about 15 degrees over the ambient room temperature to attract your cat. Then, once your cat cuddles up on the mat, it warms to approximately 102 degrees, which is the natural body temperature for cats. You can also remove the heating element during the warmer months, making this reversible, soft foam mat a great bed choice for any season. Not since we introduced our range of super snuggly cat beds. Now she can curl up in comfort and catnap while feeling su-purr snug and secure in her own space. Kazoo cat beds are available in all shapes and sizes, from soft beds to raised attachable window look out beds. So whichever one you choose, you can rest assured your feline will make a beeline straight for it. Want to spoil them further, check out our kitty review. If you beloved this article and you also would like to collect more info about cat bed generously visit the site. As a long-time cat mom and even longer-time lover of products designed to make life easier, I know how much cats love soft, plush items that they can make biscuits on . I know how much fur these cat beds will have to contend with. And I know what materials and manufacturers stand the test of time. Giving your cat a spot of its own to rest can be a great gift for your beloved pet. Just like with humans, cats get better sleep when they’re feeling comfortable and secure. Also just like with humans, the best selection for one cat may not be right for another—they have different needs both physically and psychologically.

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