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    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are well-known days of shopping sales, but were they rip-offs this year? Each and every year, the day after Thanksgiving is famous for day-long holiday bargain sales that are big enough to draw more shoppers than any other day of the year. At times, shopping crowds have been large enough to cause serious injury, and even death, to fellow shoppers, security guards, and retail store workers. Holiday shoppers want to make the most of the sales before retail stores hike their prices for the Christmas shopping spree. In recent years, the popularity of online shopping has led to a secondary day of shopping craziness, known as Cyber Monday, when retail stores offer sales on their websites rather than in their stores.

    With the economy it its current state, more people than ever were looking forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Consumers who normally avoided the crowds of Black Friday in years past found themselves willing to brave the crowds in order to benefit from the potential savings. Retail stores in turn hoped that desperate consumers looking for deals would spend enough money to help bring in greater revenue than they have seen all year.

    If you loved this short article and you would love to receive more details about black friday 2022 kindly visit our own web site. Several news websites are reporting, however, a great number of rip-offs that occurred on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Most notably, PC World was reporting on a Walmart rip-off. PC World claimed that Walmart had advertised that certain products would be on sale during the day on Black Friday, but when shoppers arrived at Walmart at 5am Black Friday morning, they found that said electronics had all gone to shoppers who had called ahead to reserve the sale item. Shoppers were angered that Walmart’s Black Friday ads had not mentioned that calling ahead to reserve items was an option.

    While Cyber Monday was a relatively successful retail endeavor this year, many websites and news reports offered warnings to consumers over the weekend. The Internet has always been home to a wide variety scams and rip-offs, so consumers must be wary whenever shopping online, especially on a high-traffic Internet day, such as Cyber Monday. Consumers were advised to only trust Cyber Monday deals hosted by reputable companies, such as Target.com, black friday 2022 best buy BestBuy.com, or Macys.com, and not to trust third-party sites offering coupons or discounts for other stores.

    We here at Five Point Capital hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. If you participated in Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or both, we hope that you found amazing deals suitable to your budget and were not a victim of any rip-offs or scams.

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