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    Autonomous System numbers group IP address networks and routing prefixes with the same external routing protocols. For example, all IP addresses managed by an organization are typically listed in the same AS network group. This could include all IP address prefixes managed by a university, corporate entity, internet service provider, or similar organization. Autonomous systems are useful for organizing the internet’s IP addresses by the administrative entities which manage each IP address subnet. If an organization has multiple routing policies then a unique AS number will be assigned to each group of IP addresses. This website is mainly used to check the CAIDA’s ranking for autonomous systems. Although, users can also use it to perform the ASN lookup for a specific AS Number. Some of the information that it shows after performing the lookup is AS Name, Organization Name, Country, AS Rank, AS Degree, Tested IP Blocks, and more. This website offers multiple internet online services one of which is an ASN lookup service. To use this service, users need to lookup for a valid AS number. In the results, it will give you all the information related to it like Company Website, Country of Origin, IPs Originated, Prefixes Originated, etc. Besides this, it also shows the IPv4 Peers vs IPv6 Peers graph in the context of the submitted AS number.

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