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    For multiple autonomous systems to interact, each needs to have a unique identifier. Therefore, when an AS wants to exchange routing information with other AS on the public internet, it should register ASN. Full Text Search treats the entire database as a flat text file and allows you to search for anything. The search is done on object text without regard for any relationships. As such, results may be very unstructured, but it can provide a good starting point for more specific standard queries later on. Keep in mind that Full Text Search is only available on the RIPE NCC website and not in other methods to query the RIPE Database. This document will outline which query method will give you the best results. You can think of autonomous systems as a subset of the Internet that follows a common routing policy and that is controlled by one administrative entity . Each IPv4 and IPv6 address belongs to exactly one autonomous system. Furthermore, each autonomous system can have multiple IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges assigned to it. Iplocation.io is another free online ASN Whois Lookup website. Through this website, users can quickly perform an ASN lookup for a valid ANS number. After performing the lookup operation, it shows ASNumber range, ASName, ASHandle, RegDate, Organization Name, Organization ID, etc., values.

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