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    The original AT&T sponsored “Phone a Friend” during the original ABC primetime show and the syndicated version’s first season; the current AT&T sponsored the 2009 primetime episodes. From 2004 to 2006, AOL sponsored “Ask the Audience” and allowed users of Instant Messenger to participate in the lifeline by adding the screen name MillionaireIM to their contact list. When a contestant used the lifeline during the show, users would receive an instant message with the question and the four possible answers and vote for the correct answer. The computer tallied these results alongside the results from the studio audience. A group of contestants on each episode play a preliminary round called “Fastest Finger First”. If any contestants are visually impaired, the host reads the question and four choices all at once, then repeats the choices after the music for the round begins. The contestant who answers correctly in the fastest time goes on to play the main game. In the event that no one gets the question right, another question is given; if two or more contestants answer correctly but with the same time, they are given a tie-breaker to determine who will move on. This round is only used when a new contestant is being chosen to play the main round, and can be played more than once in an episode among those remaining within the group seeking to play the main game. In celebrity editions, the round is not used; celebrities automatically take part in the main game. Are you looking for people with high exposure to games, people that are dedicated to games even if they don’t spend much time gaming, or people that play games in certain settings? Ask One of the Audience – Used in the German version of the show, this lifeline was designed for use as part of its “Risk Mode” format. When used, the contestant selects someone from the audience, whereupon the host rereads the question and the possible answers and asks them to choose one. If the contestant goes for the answer they chose and it is correct, the audience member is given a small cash prize in return. This lifeline was implemented as part of the Costa Rican version but made available after passing the first safety net. Just like it’s important to know where your customers are physically located, you need to find out where they are online. Are they spending most of their time liking Facebook comments or Googling stuff? Knowing where they’re spending their time online can help you tailor your marketing plan to the right channels. Google Trends is often overlooked when it comes to content creation, but I find it particularly helpful when planning blog posts that are focussed on the latest news and events. Google Trends analyses the popularity of search queries in locations around the world, and also shows you the historical data of that term, so you can see what’s happened with it over time.

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