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    Answer The Public provides you with monthly search volume for all the keyword ideas it generates for your seed keyword. It’s worth noting that SEO tools aren’t very reliable for providing accurate search volume, but they will give you a good indication of if a keyword has a high or low search volume. If you’re unsure about which you should be targeting, check out this keyword research tips post. For example, we could take the topic “content marketing for b2b” from the above results, because this theme will link naturally to our own content marketing service pages. For reference, between the questions, prepositions, comparisons, and alphabetical results, “Content Marketing” as a keyword produces 346 results. Some of them are bad, like “Who is content marketing?” some are redundant, and a few are looking for specific content. For more info regarding Lihat Website look at our own webpage. Any one of those would be the basis for a decent evergreen deep dive post into the subject. It’s still a lot of potential topics that bloggers can use for content ideas and digital marketing efforts. As a consumer insight tool, Answer The Public gives you the current phrases from Bing and Google. You now have an overview of the questions people ask search engines. You have a solid idea of the questions asked by your target audience. Armed with these phrases, you can write an article framed around a specific search phrase. As you provide the answer for a popular phrase, you boost SEO by supplying the answers people search for. Pros Cons Use over 100 filters to find the keywords you want to use – eg. Filter for keywords that only get above 20k searches each month. Requires a steep learning curve to adjust to the huge variety of technical features.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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