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    5.The BirdRock Home Dip and Wash Tool is perfect for cleaning those hard to reach spots on your car, SUV, truck or van. Extend the tool up to 44 inches to clean your windshield, or the top of your car. The Power Maxed Car Cleaning Kit contains the products you need to remove grime, thoroughly wash and polish your car, leaving it glossy and gorgeous. Tested on race cars, we know you’ll be impressed with the results. The Ultimotive Williams Racing Car Cleaning Kit has been put together to tackle some of the tougher and more time consuming car care tasks. The CARPRO Cube Sample Kit is a fantastic gift set featuring 16 50ml bottles of CARPRO favourites. This is a great way to test out all 16 liquid products without committing to the price of the larger bottles. This handy package is perfect to give you that taste of CARPRO at an amazing value. Everything you need to maintain your Gtechniq protected vehicle and maintain its show room shine. After you have wiped the interior clean, spray it with a car freshener. The scent should linger, making your vehicle smell fresh and clean. Once the exterior is clean and dried, you can startcleaning the interior. If you haven’t already, clear all the trash from your vehicle. You can hose off the mitt/sponge if it gets too dirty. Clean the mitt/sponge before putting it back into the wash bucket – or you’ll end up applying the grime right back onto your vehicle. Preparing your car for a wash is as important as the cleaning itself. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start cleaning your vehicle. Check out the best car polishing tools and car polishing kits.

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