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    The military time conversion chart below lists the standard 12-hour time format next to the 24-hour time format. This is followed by military time, UTC offset (military time zone), military time zone name, and the time zone letter code. The military time conversion chart below will allow you to easily read or convert military time. Making it simple to take standard (regular) AM/PM time and quickly convert it to military time (24-hour time) or vice versa. Military time is a method of measuring the time based on the full 24 hours of the day rather than two groups of 12 hours indicated by AM and PM. Using military time is the standard method used to indicate time for medication administration. The use of military time reduces potential confusion that may be caused by using AM and PM and also avoids potential duplication when giving scheduled medications. For example, instead of stating medication is due at 7 AM and 7 PM, it is documented on the medication administration record (MAR) as due at 0700 and 1900. See Figure 5.5[1] for an example clock and Table 5.3 for a military time conversion chart. Confused about how to write down military time, or how a specific time of day would be written in the military time format? This tool can help you convert military time into standard time, and vice versa. The primary purpose of a Military Time chart is to create a simple link between both the military time and regular time formats. It is similar to any other conversion table that bridges two quantities on a common parameter. As per a general rule, military time lacks the time separator (dot or colon) present between the hour and minutes. In addition, the way of spelling each is different too. While military format requires saying the leading zero, regular time format has done away with it.

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