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    Quickly and accurately calculate the time duration between two times with our easy-to-use calculator. I have time sheets entered in Excel that I need to calculate down to 5 minute time periods at the lowest for billing of clients. We work and bill for any amount of time, but I have only been working with 1/2 hour increments to make it easy for me to troubleshoot, but I don’t know what is happening. It seems like ROUNDUP would be the correct formula to use and that an exact amount should NOT round-up to the next tenth of an hour. In other words, if the amount we worked was 1/2 hour, ROUNDUP should result in .5, not .6 as some of the above examples show. If we worked .51 hours, it should round up to .6. How would one calculate the “after 5pm hrs” from a time sheet below…. It is not overtime or anything like that, just a differential for after 5……… all I need is the decimal hours after 5 calculated so I can multiply it by the $ differential. I work with a spreadsheet that is an agenda with start times for each segment of an event. Sometimes I need to change the start time of the event or the length or placement of a segment within the event. That then changes the start times for everything following that changed segment. I would like Excel to automatically adjust the subsequent segments’ start times. Please post your question in our Excel Forum and include your sample Excel file with the hours you’re trying to calculate from and we can help you there. Please prepare a sample file with your data and your expected results on our forum, it’s the easiest and faster way to provide a functional solution. The Excel TIME function combines separate hour, minute and second values and converts them into a time serial number. I quite often want to calculate wages or a charge out fee. But if you don’t know this trick you’ll be tearing your hair out…and probably revert to using fractions like 7.50 for 7 hours 30 minutes, just so you can get the answer you expect. In case you loved this information and you would like to receive more details relating to 4:45 pm military time generously visit our own website. Although the above is important to know, thankfully Excel has built in formatting so that we don’t have to enter our dates and times in serial or decimal values. To help, here is an online military time converter that you can consider checking as you practice.

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