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    The piano and guitar were performed by Takayuki Yoshimura and Yuya Komoguchi respectively, with Tomotaka Saka serving as the recording and mixing engineer. Halland and Dalarna are both names of provinces in Sweden. Select music and have it played randomly in the background as you browse, with random delays to mimic the ambient music of the game. I think the whole thing is pretty good, but who ever made this, needs to get the names of the songs right. Other than that, the songs are just as they are supposed to. The names should really be brought in to question, and be researched about. Here’s more info about web page look at our web-page. How did you manage to get the names wrong when you can google c418 and listen to the songs in order, with the proper names displayed. Well, it’s a good list other than the last two, but I’m baffled. You missed some songs, I would like the ORIGINAL names. (ex. Wet hands, living mice etc.) Also you should add the battle song from wii U edition, and the creative songs. But you should put a gap in which one is the original PC Minecraft’s soundtrack and which one is wii U Edition battle songs.. It could be easier for me to download the original one. I listened to this soundtrack while playing Minecraft Alpha, and, oh my god, it was so grand. The soundtracks are great, but why cannot download them? It’s showing an error and redirects to other web pages. There are some unreleased tracks in the album, so yes not all of these are in the game. I really wouldn’t be surprised if someone, despite a complete lack of knowledge of the actual game, would actually enjoy the soundtrack itself. Minecraft is known for its popularity, and I believe the soundtrack has the same trait. Whether you’re here for nostalgia, or just because you like the music, I think there should be a bit more positivity with a soundtrack like this. Ahh Gen Z, one of the worst things to come out of the human race.

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