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    The data-driven content brief workflow ensures that your writers create comprehensive content that adheres to your SEO and brand guidelines. Content Harmony is a great tool for your content marketing efforts because it eliminates the time-consuming process of analyzing the top results content structure. The benefit of using Keywords Everywhere is that you can conduct search engine optimization using real-time data. Thus, you have the opportunity to come across terms in the same way that your target client does. This enables you to see the user experience practically rather than abstractly, giving you information you might have overlooked otherwise. By eliminating time-wasting or useless keywords, allowing you to save keywords more quickly, and removing the need to jump between different tabs, Keywords Everywhere also saves you time. From an SEO perspective, choosing the correct keywords to target is essential if you want to grow your business via organic traffic. Ubersuggest is a freemium keyword research tool own by Neil Patel which you can use to do keyword research and find content ideas for your blog. When I first started using Answer The Public, I thought the results would be a list of keywords—but boy was I wrong! Not only do they give you a list of keywords , but they also create a mind map of related topics and questions. We could also add ‘2017’ to the title to make it relevant to the upcoming year and demonstrate its freshness to both Google and our prospective readers. Learn to answer your users’ questions and concerns and watch as your ultra-relevant content organically climbs search rankings. If you’re used to Google Keyword Planner, a lot of the data and metrics will look familiar since CPC, monthly searches and phrases are all directly pulled from the platform. People type questions into Google they’d never bring up in a survey or on social. Looking at these questions reveals a treasure trove of inspiration that can help in every stage of the content creation process. For example, you might notice that a related keyword has high relevance to your site, but low competition, meaning you have a better chance of ranking higher for it. You might choose to direct your content creation around those keywords so as to better perform in searches.

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