Issue 2

The second issue of the Spanning Boundaries Magazine has arrived! In this edition we outline the events that took place during the Spanning Boundaries Forum and exhibit those individuals who were crowned as Spanning Boundaries Champions.

A deeper look into what it means to be a Spanning Boundaries agent, conversations with experts and a look at the Spanning Boundaries Training Programme are just a few of the topics that will be covered in this issue. We hope you read along with us.

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Issue 1

The first issue of the Spanning Boundaries Magazine is out! In it we intend to transmit and highlight the motivation as well as the vision of our project. We sketch the profile of the boundary spanning professionals embedded in the institutional systems.

To bring the theoretical discussion closer to the world of practice, we spotlight a selection of high-standing individuals. However we don’t forget about the role of organisations in fostering cooperation and nurturing spanning boundaries agents, so in this issue we will also take a closer look to some institutions with an outstanding performance in the area.

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